Gasketing Products

Gasketing Products

We are supplying gasket products for various applications: normal process piping system; critical working conditions such as ultra high temperature/ pressure, corrosive media; common type (spiral wound gasket, ring-joint gasket, …); special shape (man-hole gasket, channel gasket or heat exchanger gasket …); non-contaminated gasket … from leading manufacturers in the world.

Non-Asbestos Sheet Gasket

compressedNonGasketsWe supply Sheet Gasket with size up to 60” width, 120” length; thickness from 0.5mm to 6.0mm (depended on types); complete sheet or precutting gasket, included following type:

  • Compressed Sheet Gasket
  • PTFE Sheet Gasket
  • Flexible Graphite Sheet Gasket
Spiral Wound Gasket

spiral_wound_img1Spiral Wound Gasket has been the breakthrough invention of Flexitallic since the first of XX Century and still maintained its value until today. This was and will be the ideal product for wide range of applications, especially for high Temp. – Pressure demand. The Gaskets in standard ASME B16.20 (for B16.5, B16.47A and B16.47B flanges) are the most popular type, but products in other standard are available (DIN, JIS …)

Ring-Joint Gasket

Ring_joint__gasket_Product1521The Ring Joint Gasket was initially developed for high pressure/ temperature applications. The gasket material should be selected to suite the service conditions (it is recommended that the ring-joint gaskets be of a lesser hardness than that of the mating flanges).


We supply a comprehensive range of asbestos-free compression packings: Braided Packings – manufactured from a range of asbestos replacement yarns. Beside the common types, we can supply some dedicated types for special applications:

  • For high temperature, high pressure sealing (temp. more than 1050oC)
  • For metal processing, boiler doors … (temp. up to 600oC)
  • For high temperature crucible lid and furnace door seals (temp. up to 1260oC)