Mechanical Seal Products


Pump without mechanical seal or Packing


Pump with mechanical seal or Packing


Mechanical seal (set) is a component for preventing leaks of media inside the rotating type equipment (pump, compressor, agitator and blower) to the environment. Compared with old methods (mechanical packing or gland packing), using mechanical seals can give us following advantages:

  • Lower frictional drag than traditional packing (improve equipment efficiency)
  • A mechanical seal will not wear out a shaft or sleeve as fast as packing rings
  • Almost zero leakage is possible with mechanical seal; packing requires some leakage (usually visible) for proper lubrication
  • Properly applied mechanical seals require less periodic maintenance than packing
  • Specially designed mechanical seals can be applied to higher pressures and speeds than traditional packing.

We supply the following types of Mechanical Seal (for pump):


In the following arrangements:

Single Seal Arrangements


Dual seal arrangements