Water Treatment

Water Treatment

We supply completely water treatment solutions of GE Water & Process Technologies for variety industries: Petrochemical and Refining, Chemical, Thermal Power, Mining … from problem diagnostic; sample analysis; supplying consultancies, chemicals and services … With products and services from GE W&PT, we bring the true values to customers.

Boiler water treatment solution


We supply innovative and completely water treatment solutions for boilers that operated at pressure under 120 bars; the products included:

  • Oxygen control outline
  • Neutralizing Amine
  • Boiler internal treatment

Trouble (deposits, erosion, overheat …) isn’t a problem any more, with our products and services, your boiler can operate at highest capacity (lowest blow down rate) when maintaining stabilizer, safety and efficiency.

Cooling water treatment solution


Corrosion, deposition and bio-fouling are the three main problems in the cooling systems. We supply the chemicals and services that not only can resolve these issues easily but also increase the efficiency of your systems.

Waste water treatment solution


We supply the customers with best waste water treatment solutions from GE W&PT, guarantee the stability and efficiency of their systems.